Timber firm plans to construct biomass power plant in South Africa

30 September 2015

The Timber firm known as York Timbers has announced that they are to construct an electrical biomass power plant in South Africa at its timber plant worth US $0.10bn.

This new power plant by the firm will deliver 25MW into the South African National grid. This is great for the country and also will give the company some energy income from what would otherwise be rejected as biomass waste production from its six timber plants.

The CEO Pierter Van Zyl of York Timber stated that the power plant project would also help to diversify the earning base of the lumber, plywood, wholesale and plantation providers. It would also help the company participate in the fourth bid window of the Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) which will close in November 11.

To aid the company participate in the empowerment-conscious REIPPPP, York created a ring fenced company named York Timber Energy which would be 25 percent owned by the local community and staff through a trust fund while the remaining 75 percent will be owned by the parent company.

Van Zyl further noted that the biomass power plant in South Africa will incorporate Austrian technology and it will give those 10 to 20 years of predicted cash flow.

I think this is great for South Africa as it will create jobs for the country and also this means that Africa will be creating more efficient energy which will not give out any harmful emissions which means better for the African environment. This will also reduce the dependency on fossil fuels which is great for not only Africa but the world.

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