UK Farmers driven to buy second hand machinery as Brexit vote uncertain

4 January 2019

Buyers looking to get good quality second hand machines without the cost, as Brexit is still uncertain, making second hand sales rise.

Uncertain buyers look to secure a good quality second hand machines, as well as bringing forward purchases of new and used machinery in the oncoming of Brexit.

Get it out of the way now before Brexit takes effect and get geared up so you don’t have to spend for the next two or three years. Be ahead of the game like most farming families and businesses.

Uncertain buyers are looking for low hour machines with everything included but without the cost of a brand-new machine, in time for the Brexit decision. This is a good strategy as they get all the benefits of a ‘brand new’ machine/model at a much less cost Furthermore, if they run the machine for a couple of years and sell it on through an auction, they cut the chance of exposure to the depreciation and potential serving costs.

Because of the price of newer machines and maybe the uncertain farming businesses are facing now that people are turning to second-hand machines. So, the demand for second-hand machines have risen in demand over the last few years.

Good quality equipment that’s slightly older was in demand as well, just a few years older with a low number of hours can cut the price in half.

The European overseas demand has also risen significantly, supported by the exchange rate.

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