Yona National Park in Angola to undergo rehabilitation

17 August 2016

Yona National Park in Angola is set to undergo a US$ 6m rehabilitation which is positioned to be an important project in the country, considering its size and biodiversity.

The Environment Minister, Fátima Jardim, confirmed the reports recently in Moçâmedes city, south-west Namibe province and said that the construction works started in 2015 and they are so far working at a good pace while training the park rangers, constructing the houses for their accommodation among other things . “In this process we are also training our park rangers, building houses for their accommodation, acquisition of equipment in addition to the placement of sign stakes around the park”, said Jardim.

The United Nations Development Program representative in Angola, Mr. Pier Paolo who is one of the partners of this project, said that the rehabilitation is one of the most important ventures in the country and will be extended throughout the year 2018. This rehabilitation is one of the most significant undertakings currently in Angola since it will somehow attract more number of tourists from different parts of the world and in return enhancing the economy of the country.

Apart from that, the administrator of Yona National Park in Angola, Mr. Manuel Afonso, was pleased with the initiative and pointed out that the park is mostly visited due to the fact that it has got high end security and other conditions that are being created from the protection of animals and the enclosure itself.

Yona National Park in Angola is a very interesting park to visit since it is characterized by wild dunes, vast plains, and rough mountains and cliffs, the Special Reserve of Namibe, The Tigers Bay and the Lagoons of Arco and Carvalhão is shared between Angola and Namibia.

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