Metax CIMA JM30

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PF 39340


Jet Grouting





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Key Features:

Key features

  • Hours 5821
  • Fully functional
  • Good condition
  • Mixture production = over 30m3/hour

The line consists of elements:

  • Mixer in the shape of a truncated cone with a geometry capacity of 1450 liters made of sheet metal 4mm thick steel; of three load cells
  • The weight of the mixture is 3000 kg; high turbulence mixing pump 15 kW type 80-250, 1450g/min electric motor 50Hz
  • Transferring the source through the connector source- movable protective cover and inspection door
  • 3-4pcs - entrance for a screw with a diameter of 220mm
  • 1 piece. - single device input, using electropump drive
  • 1 piece. - vent pipe
  • Pumping and return ducts made of steel sheet and rubber resistant to Replace, change with electro-pneumatic butterfly valves, DN 100
  • Switching with electro-pneumatic control with two DN 100 valves
  • Low-speed mixer with a geometry capacity of 3200l. made of thick steel plate4mm. with a slightly conical bottom to achieve vacuuming
  • Mixture mixing system using blades with an increased height, smaller ones with a shaft, engine processor with a reducer with a very specific speed (20 rpm) with a power of 4.0 kW with a step support filtering system on the mixture feed using a stainless steel mesh filter
  • 2 pcs. - DN 100 water outlet for jet pumps with electro-pneumatic control
  • 1 piece. additional DN80 outlet for various washing operations and manual unloading
  • Dual MIN/MAX indicator adjustable to work in automatic cycle and to stop the station mixing when the minimum level is indicated on the stirrer
  • 1 control panel with 10m long wires. mounted for remote valve control electro-pneumatic for feeding water/mix and powering pumps for jet grouting and for alarm sensor in case of lack of mixture in the mixer; all valves electro-pneumatic are double-acting with connection for manual operation. second panel is optional. Inside the container there are sockets for power and electricity, just in case control of two booster pumps, so that it is possible to connect a mixing station with one larger one or two smaller jet grouting pumps. 

Inside the container placed

  • 1 piece. - 3kW centrifugal water pump to power the mixer and jet pumps
  • 1 piece. - electric compressor with a 3kW engine with two tanks with a capacity of 100 liters, which enables separate operation of the electro-pneumatic installation of the mixer and the silo system
  • Water supply hydraulic system including washable filter, electro-pneumatic valves opening and closing with automatic and electric control of pumps drawing water from the river. 1300 liters pre-loading hopper with pneumatic unloading valves and level sensors. Whole installation on DN80 piping with 3'' connections
  • Electrical control panel with control elements enabling control in mode manual, automatic, computerized and timed. 

The control panel has:

  • Computer (display), 20 formulas, 10 components, mounted in a secured place and visible to determine the mixing ratio
  • Timers with covers
  • Counter of automatic mixing cycles
  • Computerized manual-automatic mode selector
  • CYCLE - RECYCLE selector (cycle - recycling)
  • All controls for manual operation
  • Emergency button
  • Appropriate control lamps
  • Synoptic system with control lamps on all engines and all solenoid valves in during their work
  • In addition, a general thermal fuse at the input and magneto-thermal protection were installed on each engine
  • 400V 50Hz power supply provided.
  • The entire device is mounted in a 20' container with a door that can be lifted upwards. The container is divided into three separate compartments: mixer, compressors, control panel and is equipped with a safety glass pane between the control panel space and the space mixer.

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