Casablanca to Berrechid motorway project progresses

16 April 2020

The three years Casablanca to Berrechid motorway  project entails widening the stretch between the Mohammedia interchange to the Berrechid junction. And again upgrading motorway between the Berrechid Junction and the Sidi Maarouf interchange. This project covers over 25.8 kilometers of road and will cost approximately US$95B.

Morocco is currently in the process of widening some of its major motorway links which include Casablanca to Berrechid motorway project and the Casablanca ring road.

On the other hand, the Casablanca ring road upgrade will be carried out between the Mohammedia interchange and the Lissafa junction, a 31.7 kilometer stretch at a cost of US$90M.

The widening and construction works are all being managed by Morocco’s national motorway operator, Autoroutes du Maroc.

Aim for the project

Basically, the project is aimed to increase the capacity of the above-mentioned roads by upgrading them from two to three-lane roads in either direction. This is expected to dwindle traffic congestion mostly during peak hours on these road sections.

Casablanca is the Central Business District in Morocco and the country’s growing economy is leading to a steady increase in vehicle numbers and motor traffic. Currently, both roads have a combined traffic of approximately 110 000 vehicles every single day.

The Casablanca to Berrechid motorway stretch carries around 60,000 vehicles per day and passes by the busy Mohammed V International Airport while the Casablanca ring road carries around 50,000 vehicles per day.

Subsidy for the project

The project is being funded through private investment and loans from international lenders. Last year, the European Investment Bank (EIB) granted Morocco over US$87M loan to support this project.

The project falls within the framework of the ‘National Highway Structure Scheme,’ which aims to develop the road network of the kingdom.

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