Construction Industry in the Philippines

17 December 2015

The Philippines is a developing country and buildings and structures within this location is one of the most booming business sectors. Buildings, establishments and public works are built throughout the Philippines. Located in the Philippines are a wide range of civil engineering and architecture projects. There are a lot of established construction firms that handles various civil engineering and architecture projects so this country is developing really quickly… The Philippine Arena is a multipurpose indoor arena with a maximum capacity of 50,000 people inside and 50,000 people to gather at a plaza which is outside. This is done for the huge events which take place at the arena so that there can be a large crowd. This is the worlds largest indoor arena. The initial design of the arena is inspired by a Narra tree.

The arena holds church gatherings, multi sports and concerts. From each seat there is a clear view of the arena so everyone has a good and enjoyable view. Construction started on May 30th 2014 and was completed July 21st 2014 costing around $215 million.

The arena is a one-sided bowl. The lower bowl is used the most and the design allows for easy separation of the lower bowl from the upper tier. The seating area is divided into three sections which are the colours of the Iglesia Ni Cristo flag, green, white and red.

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