Construction of Second Line of Moroccan tramway launched

18 September 2015

The construction of the second line of a Moroccan tramway was launched early this month.

The 15-kilometer (T2) of Moroccan tramway will run from Ain Diab to Ain Sebaa railway station via the El Fida and Derb Sultan districts.

According to the deputy project owner of Casa Transport the project looks forward to serve Hermitage ,Mers sultan, Derb Kabir, Hay Al Amal, Hay Al Farah, Hay Tissir, Hay Jamal, Laayoune, Hay Massira, Hay Mohammadi, Dar Lamane, El Badr and is expected to be completed in the shortest time that has been already set.

He added that the second line will serve the areas which are highly populated at an estimation of 0.5Million inhabitants.

The project involved the construction of the first Line that currently services Sidi Moumen in the east with Ain Diab and the Faculties district in the west.

The project is estimated to cost about 3.7 billion dirhams as the first phase of the project coasted almost double of the second phase cost.

According to the resources the project will be funded by the Casablanca Urban Commune, the Grand-Casablanca region, in addition to funds from France.

“The work of the second line will be ready by the end of 2018,” said Casa Transport.

The Casablanca Tramway network is expected to cover 110 kilometers by 2022.

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