Fuel Filtration Systems

28 November 2014

Why is Fuel Filtration Important?

Diesel and fuel system problems in Africa are caused by contaminants in the fluid. Diesel contains sand and dirt which after a short amount of time causes breakdowns and engine failures. The dirt is transferred into the fuel containers via the trucks used to deliver the fuel to site. These trucks are also used for transporting various different matter such as milk and animal feed. Even when cleaned out, some of these products remain and cause issues.

Contamination affects your machines and speeds up wear and decreases the machines life. Worn down machine parts cause inefficient operation,  higher fluid temperatures, leakage and loss of control. This causes breakdowns and projects don’t come in on time, costing you more money. Filtering the fuel will remove this dirt and extend the life of your machine.

Other forms of contamination are Diesel Bugs.

They come in different forms and are extremely bad for your machines

  • Bacteria: Quick growing bacteria that doubles in numbers every 20 minutes and causes a weight within the engines parts.
  • Sulphate Reducing Bacteria: Produces hydrogen sulphide which is a lethal gas. Destroys engine parts by creating acidic. They are really hard to remove once they are there.
  • Iron Reducing Bacteria: Eat at steel and cause heavy corrosion.
  • Yeasts: Develop over several hours and cause acid corrosion.
  • Fungus: Form a thick  layer at water lines causing blockages.

Depending on the scale of your operation, there are various options for fuel filtration.

Mobile systems:

Mobile fuel filtration systems allow you to filter your site storage tanks, they are mounted on a mild steel frame with rough terrain casters fitted allowing movement on uneven ground. Mobile units allow several storage tanks to be filtered by one unit.

Fixed cabinet systems:

Fixed fuel filtration units are a solution to your ongoing fuel health. Fixed to your storage tanks, they will keep your fuel clean and dry. They are designed to work in tandem with the mobile fuel filtration units by keeping fuel already filtered by the mobile unit clean and polished.

Mobile Contamination Monitor:

The mobile contamination monitor allows you to see exactly what is in your fuel. It plugs into the cabinet system, records the levels of contamination and can be downloaded onto your laptop. This allows you to build a maintenance library and ensure your routine maintenance schedule is in line with the level of contaminants you are experiencing.

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