Limited Learning Spaces in South Africa

16 May 2016

Within South Africa, there is a severe shortage of classroom spaces and a significant shortage of classroom space due to the lack of construction development within the African education sector. The African Minister of Education has said that within the Gauteng Education Department 533 out of 1,856 schools have classroom shortages. This is having a dramatic effect on the children's educational performance as they do not have the correct environment to learn in. The Education Minister has recently been in contact with 'Kwikspace' a company which provides mobile buildings. Kwikspace has managed to provide learning spaces for 1,468 learners in a matter of a few weeks! As many people know, the population in Africa is continuously growing. For example in the community where Kaalfontein Secondary School is located the population almost doubled between 1996 and 2011 from 237,676 to 463,109 people. 

Therefore, there is a high demand for learning spaces in Africa due to the high population. Kwikspace has built a one of a kind double storey unit which consists of steel and concrete for the frame. The full project consisted of the construction of 32 classrooms, 10 ablution units, administration building, nutrition centre and developing of the landscape around the existing school.  This project has created 95 jobs and employed five local sub-contractors who have used their skills in; plumbing, paving, electrical and general building supplies.

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