London Olympic Stadium

6 November 2015

The London Olympic stadium was built between 2008 and 2011. It is located in London, United Kingdom and can hold a capacity of 80,000. It was built for the use of the Olympic games in 2012 when the UK held them. However, once the Olympic games had finished, the stadium had no use. Therefore, two of the major London football clubs bided for the use of the stadium and West Ham won this.

The cable net is formed between the outer white steel roof truss and an inner tension ring 30m above the field of play. Over 900 tonnes of scaffolding and over a kilometre of support platforms were used to assemble over 12,000m of cables and the walkways. It took four weeks and 56 hydraulic jacks to lift the 450 tonne structure into place.

Construction on the London Olympic Stadium began in May 2008 and over 4,500 reinforced concrete columns were installed for the foundations, 28 steel sections of the roof compression truss were lifted into place each weighing 85 tonnes and are 15m high by 30m long. 112 steel rakers were fixed to act as the terracing supports to hold the 55,000 seats in the upper tiers, 12,000 pre-cast concrete terracing units for the seating were installed. A 650 tonne crane was assembled in the middle of the Olympic Stadium site to lift the 28m high lighting gantries on to inner ring of the cable net roof, taking them 60m above the field of play. Land preparation for the stadium began in mid-2007, with the official construction start date on 22 May 2008. Piling works for the foundation began four weeks ahead of that date. Constructers wanted to make the structure as efficient as possible by reducing the environmental impact. This was done by reusing available materials. During excavation, 800,000 tonnes of soil were removed, which is enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall nine times! The Stadium has an 860 metre perimeter and more than 5,250 people worked on construction between 2008 and 2012. The turf which was used for the Games was grown in Scunthorpe, United Kingdom and fitted over three days.

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