New Diesel Engine Adapted for Developing Countries

6 February 2015

Why are diesel engines being adapted?

Emission regulations in Europe are about to reach new levels. Brand new  diesel engines are being designed that produce ultra-low emissions through use of high quality, low-sulphur fuel. The market for second hand machines is mainly based in developing countries where high-sulphur fuels are still produced and used. If new machines are not compatible within this market, sales of second hand machines will be greatly affected.

So what is being done?

Top manufacturers are leading the way with innovative inventions that allow the method of de-rating the emission control systems on its latest diesel engines. Manufacturers have allowed the process to be available in specific countries that hold less stringent emission standards.

The ability to transform these machines means the resale value of them will be unaffected and will allow developing countries to invest in equipment from highly regulated countries like the UK. Products will only be available from localised dealers within the desired markets such as Africa. These dealers will be specifically trained to transform the machines for use with low quality fuel.

Current methods for cleaning poor quality sulphur fuel include fuel filtration funnels and also fuel filtration systems. If you would like to read more on how fuel filtration can help to keep your diesel engine fleet running efficiently and more cost effectively please read our article here or visit our webpage dedicated to fuel filtration.

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