Sigma | Training & Back Up

14 February 2024

πŸ“’ Answering one of our most commonly asked questions …

πŸ‘‰ How can I be sure that I will get back up with my purchase after delivery?

πŸ’­ Wondering how to ensure a smooth experience post-delivery? At Sigma, your satisfaction is our priority! Rest assured; our dedicated team ensures reliable support every step of the way. From delivery to setup, we've got your back. Your satisfaction is our guarantee! πŸ‘

Last week we took our operations to new heights! This clip shows a huge training operation we oversaw which so far has been ongoing for 3 days, with more planned this week! We connected industry experts to one of our customers in Nigeria to help them train their staff on the piling rig they had just purchased and had delivered by SIGMA! πŸ†

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