Spare parts – How they can reduce fleet downtime.

20 April 2015

Don’t Let Repairs slow your business, invest in spare parts.

Many companies struggle during machine downtime as this causes you to lose valuable time on your projects. Managing your fleet with the use of spare parts is the best way to minimize downtime and allow your machines to be up and running again.

In Nigeria we have distributed a technically-advanced undercarriage system which has been used in the UK for years. It allows you to replace track sets quickly and efficiently which will reduce your machine stoppage. It fits CAT machines perfectly and can be adapted to fit other makes. This spare part is built from high quality steel and is engineered to CAT grader tolerances.

Due to high demand, we have weekly shipments of track sets and spare parts to Nigeria so there is no need to slow your workload through downtime.

We are able to distribute the caterpillar spare parts to other countries too so please let us know if you would like more information by clicking the button below.

Other spare parts that can help you maintain a strong fleet are tyres, engines, hydraulic hoses and other wearing parts. Keeping stock of items like these will allow you to perform quick repairs that make your company run more efficiently with less breakdowns. Large successful firms always maintain their machines with regular maintenance checks which allows them to see faults before it becomes a more expensive repair job. Proper maintenance and use of spare parts will mean that your business is more reliable and will elevate you above other companies that struggle with downtime throughout projects.

If you have any questions about what types of spares you may need or if you would like to know any more about the undercarriage track sets please do not hesitate to contact us below. We are always glad to help.

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