Superhighway construction in Nigeria continues amid environmental fears

23 November 2015

A major superhighway construction in Nigeria continued early this week amid opposition from critics that the road will have devastating impact on the nearby Cross River National Park.

The 260-kilometer superhighway in Cross River State, has been touted as an economic booster for the region. The Oban division of Cross River National Park where the road is slated to pass through holds 3,000 square kilometers of lowland rainforest. It is a proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site and recognized as a biodiversity hotspot.

Conservationists argue that the Superhighway construction in Nigeria will negatively affect critically endangered gorillas in the area numbering about 300.

Odey Oyama, executive director of the Rainforest Resource and Development Centre says that the construction of the road could have a devastating impact on that section of the forest.

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