The All New Green Village - South Africa

17 May 2016

An architectural company located in South Africa has plans to construct the first ever Green Village in not only South Africa but in the whole of Africa. The village is set to cost around $900 million USD. Even though this project is set to be very costly, due to the village been 'green' it will save on the costs through water and electricity in the long term. The new Green Village will have many communication links so that it is easy for people within this area to travel around and out of the village to other places extremely easily. The village will include public structures such as; life style centre, medical centres, colleges, schools, boutiques, shops, restaurants and nurseries. The life style centre will be a place where people can enjoy markets and live music performances. There will also be a spa, hotel, conference centres and will accommodate many people within the 1000 luxury residential apartments which will be constructed there. These will come in two, three or four bedrooms. To make the most of the Green area, parking will all be underground to help maximise the green living and visual pleasures of nature. A helipad is also been spoken about which will help commuting between Cape and Town and the village. All apartments in the Green Village are environmentally friendly and come with a 10 year guarantee. They will have 2.4 metre double glazed windows which will maximise the amazing breath taking outdoors. Each apartment will be insulated during all seasons which will save up to 90-100% of energy. This would be instead of using air conditioning and heaters. The village will be A++ rated energy efficient, saving a total of 50% on energy and 50% on water due to a water management system been installed. The village will generate its power through solar energy.

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