Urgent Shipping & Air Freighting

3 March 2015

Recently we had a client contact us who had a machine that had broken down. The downtime of this machine would cause a huge delay to the road project they were working on. In order for them to repair the machine, it required a spare part to be changed. Our client had purchased a different machine from us a few months earlier so they understood that we offer spare replacement parts and offer support and after care service. We always put our clients first and so when hearing of the problems they were having we wanted to help. We found out the spare part our client needed on a Sunday, and by Thursday it was at the African airport waiting to be collected. We endeavour to help and support our clients in every way possible and this meant our client was able to resume work with no delays to his project.

If you need urgent machines/parts, we can get them to you via shipping and air freighting. New shipping schedules are regularly being introduced that deliver from Europe to Africa, the Middle East and Far East. For further information please contact us.

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