Upgrading of Abuja Airport Runway in Nigeria starts

14 March 2017

The long awaited upgrading of top Nigeria’s Abuja Airport Runway has kicked off and is expected to end on time.

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According to the main contractor carrying the project Julius Berger Nigeria Plc Yesterday marked the official date for the kick off of the project after the airport as officially closed down for a number of days to allow the project to run swiftly.

The contractor added that the Abuja runway repairs will affect the travelling for the Airport and passengers will be forced to use Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

The markings will also tell over flyers that the runway is not available even for emergency landing.

According to the reports given by the contractor they have all it takes to ensure that no more delays are expected and they will ensure that they closely monitor the progress of the project until it ends.

The government had initially promised to ensure that the project gets completed on time so that the normal operations can kick off at the Airport.

The International Terminal Manager, Mrs. Hajara Musa, confirmed that the contractor had commenced work on the runway.

“I can confirm that Julius Berger Plc is on ground carrying out the rehabilitation as you can see their equipment already working,” she said. She added that the management will be on the toes of the contractor so that the project can be completed on time.

“We are sure some of the business will stand still in within the Airport but its due to the expansion that is for good will” she added

Johnson Erijo of the Delta State of Assembly, said “The arrangement for now is perfect though I don’t know what it will become later but what I’m experiencing of the operation now is seamless and working fine.”

Extract from constructionreviewonline.com

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