Zimbabwe government unveils housing scheme for civil servants

31 October 2016

The Government has started working on a massive low and medium income housing scheme that will benefit thousands of civil servants. At a meeting between Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere and civil servants’ representatives yesterday, a technical team was set up to start working on the scheme that will provide decent accommodation for the Government workers. Minister Kasukuwere said the Government recognises the importance of availing housing schemes to civil servants who are an important asset to the country. “I met the civil servants representatives today and we discussed issues to do with accommodation for all Government workers. I’m happy that we agreed to come up with an innovative scheme that will see the civil servants owning houses. “We’re working on setting up a technical team that is led by Apex Council president Mrs Cecilia Alexander and Urban Development Corporation (Udcorp) to make sure that the scheme is well designed for the benefit of the civil servants,” said Minister Kasukuwere. He said the technical team will also ensure that civil servants are not fleeced of their hard earned money while trying to acquire accommodation. “Civil servants are a very important group of people that have displayed maximum dedication in their work. We have managed to achieve a lot as a country through their hard work. “The Government therefore has taken into consideration the need to uplift them and make sure that they are comfortable wherever they are. The scheme will accommodate low and medium earners. We’re also considering high rise buildings so that all the civil servants are catered for,” said Minister Kasukuwere.

Apex Council secretary Mr David Dzatsunga said he was optimistic about the project. “We’re happy that the Government has pledged commitment to providing houses to civil servants. The minister promised that the Government will roll out programmes that will provide access to houses for civil servants,” said Mr Dzatsunga. “The process has started and we hope that the Government will finally deliver because the issue of housing for civil servants has been outstanding for too long.” 

Zimbabwe Teachers Association president Mr Richard Gundane said: “Accommodation for teachers has been a long-standing demand and it’s imperative that the Government delivers on this mandate. Decent accommodation is not a status symbol but a right for the teachers. Government should therefore set aside land and provide guarantees and access to mortgages to all grades of educators so that they own houses. “We welcome facilities such as the National Building Society and we hope that they will quickly respond to the high demand for houses.” He said providing civil servants with houses is a way of incentivising them and improving their lives.

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